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How to Remove Stains From Concrete

how to remove stains from concrete

How to Remove Stains From Concrete

Have you ever noticed stains along the surface of your concrete driveway? Stains can appear for a number of reasons. Perhaps leaf foliage or yard waste has settled for an extended amount of time and “bled” onto the concrete, perhaps car or lawn mower tires have left their markings, or maybe some chemicals have altered the coloration of the original concrete.

Stains on concrete can be unattractive for the viewer and can even cause permanent damage to the concrete surface if not removed. Continue reading to learn an effective method for ridding your concrete driveway of unsightly stains. A deliberate, thorough process is needed in order to treat the stains appropriately.

  • Prepare the concrete surface. Rid your driveway of any loose substances, such as dirt, gravel, and sticks. Remove any planters, lounge equipment, or automobiles, too.
  • Spot treat hard stains. For stubborn stains, apply a de-greasing agent that will loosen the stains before general concrete washing begins.
  • Pressure wash entire concrete driveway. Especially true for do-it-yourself projects, ensure that the directions are followed precisely when handling a pressure washer. Thorough attention to detail when using a pressure washer will result in an enhanced finished driveway and will ensure the safety of the surrounding landscaped areas.
  • Use detergent for additional cleaning of the concrete surface. When using a cleansing agent, along with a pressure washer, you provide superior cleaning capabilities over the entire surface area. Store bought concrete detergents are available, as well as “homemade” formulas. Some of these formulas include things such as; ammonia, baking soda, or WD-40.
  • Provide a thorough rinsing of the cleaned area and allow complete drying time before replacing planters or lounge equipment.

By following these simple, yet well-planned steps, you can carefully transform your stained concrete driveway into one with a much cleaner surface.  Your hard work and attention to specifics will be greatly rewarded.

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