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Columbia has a generally warm and somewhat rainy climate, one that is excellent for mold and algae on roofs. Algae darken roofs, making them unsightly, and can weaken asphalt shingles. This double whammy calls for cleaning roofs. Clean Finish Pressure Washing washes roofs in Columbia.

Roofs are important for several reasons. The most important is that they protect the rest of the structure from wind, water and temperature. A second important function is that roofs can add or detract from the overall look of a building. A dingy roof lowers curb appeal. Lowered curb appeal means lower value for a residence, and can result in potential customers going somewhere else. Clean roofs boost curb appeal. Regularly roof washing Columbia also last longer, and look better. Roof washing Columbia is also an inexpensive way of making a building look fresh and clean, a quick way of improving the overall look.

Clean Finish Pressure Washing uses a low pressure form of roof cleaning, called a soft wash. A soft wash uses specially designed detergents that efficiently clean roofs, but which are also environmentally friendly. A soft wash cleans away algae, mold, dirt, mildew, and any other residue that collects on roofs. A  soft wash does a better job ridding a roof of algae, because high pressure cleaning may just blow algae fragments into inaccessible spots under shingles, where it promptly starts growing again. The lower pressure prevents the damage that high pressure cleaning can cause, such as damaging shingles. The process takes skill and experience to do well. Our technicians are carefully trained on state of the art equipment, and use it with skill and care to clean roofs in Columbia.

Clean Finish Pressure Washing is fully licensed and insured. We offer free estimates and a satisfaction guarantee. We clean residential and commercial roofing of any style and kind. Clean Finish Pressure Washing cleans the roofs in Columbia.

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