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South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC

South Carolina State Museum in Columbia, SC

South Carolina is a state that is rich in history. Since it was one of the thirteen original colonies of our great country, it also has a long history to boot. One place where one can learn much about this history is in the South Carolina State Museum. Located in the state’s capital city of Columbia, the SC State Museum is full of historical artifacts, in-depth exhibits, and interesting activities.

The SC State Museum opened in 1988. It is located along the banks of the Congaree River in the downtown area of the city. The museum is opened every day of the year, except Easter, Thanksgiving day, Christmas eve, and Christmas day.

The SC State Museum encompasses four stories of a beautiful building, part of which dates back to pre-Civil War times. Visitors can even spot the original flooring in some areas of the museum that were once part of the original textile mill located there, the Columbia Mills Building. Also included in the museum, visitors may experience multiple exhibits, a 4D interactive theater, and a digital, dome planetarium.

A couple of the exhibits include life-size replicas of historical items. One may see a replica of the H.L. Hunley, which was a Confederate submarine used during the Civil War. It is known as the first submarine that successfully sunk an enemy ship while in combat. Visitors may also see the Best Friend of Charleston. It was the first American-built locomotive. It was fully steam- powered and was built in 1830.

The SC State museum is definitely an interesting place to visit. One can explore historical events, cultural history, natural history, and science and technology advancements from many generations from the past. Not only is this museum a masterpiece of South Carolina richness, but the physical location of the museum is also remarkable as one thinks about the history that has occurred within the immediate area.

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