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Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, we do it. Clean Finish Pressure Washing pressure washing and roof cleaning in Timmonsville. We wash roofs, concrete, wood and other surfaces.

Pressure Washing & Roof Cleaning Timmonsville

Those dark spots you sometimes see on roofs in Timmonsville and elsewhere are probably algae. The spots are unsightly, but worse, the algae can weaken shingles. Any portion of a roof that stays moist can develop algae, or worse, mold and mildew. Roofs can become dirty or discolored from dust and debris. If it persists, debris can trap water and cause more serious problems. In addition, an unsightly roof can reduce curb appeal. Clean Finish Pressure Washing cleans roofs. We offer a soft wash that is easy on roofing materials but still cleans thoroughly.

Pressure Washing Concrete Surfaces

Concrete can develop all kinds of unsightly discolorations and stains. Discolored concrete surfaces make a business or residence look uncared for. Customers or potential home buyers may make negative assumptions about business. The stains can be caused by oil dripping from parked cars, and even from fall leaves soaking in standing water. These are problems that pressure washing can solve. Clean Finish Pressure Washing cleans driveways, walkways, parking lots, and any other concrete surfaces, making them look fresh and new.

Clean Finish Pressure Washing also pressure washes wood surfaces, including fences, decks, porches and other surfaces made of wood. Wooden surfaces can darken and stain. They can accumulate dust and plant debris, and darken in sunlight. After a long winter, a thorough pressure washing can make exposed wooden surfaces look crisp and clean. Pressure washing decks and porches is particularly important before summer’s bare feet start using them.

Timmonsville residents know we’re experienced and thorough. That’s why they trust Clean Finish Pressure Washing with roof cleaning and pressure washing.

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