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Why Concrete Cleaning Is Done Differently Than Traditional Cleaning

Why Concrete Cleaning Is Done Differently Than Traditional Cleaning

Cleaning the floors in your house is usually pretty simple when it is linoleum, wood flooring, or something similar. However, when you come in contact with something like concrete, you may run into some problems with cleaning them. Concrete is much more porous than many other kinds of flooring and because it is not sealed, it ends up allowing a lot more liquid and moisture to seep in.

Because of this, you have to be careful not to leave a lot of soap residue behind when you clean. This is not quite as crucial with floors that have a better seal on them. The best way to clean your concrete flooring is to use a hard brush or a push broom and some kind of cleaner that is approved for use on concrete. After this is done, you will need to thoroughly rinse the area using a pressure washer, a hose, or a bucket of water and let dry.

This method is much too rough when it comes to traditional flooring, namely wood flooring, and it would scratch the floor. The pores make concrete floors harder to clean, which is why you can’t simply use a mop like you can on other floors. These pores can also trap water and moisture which could cause bacteria and mold to grow. This is why you need to make sure that it dries completely before laying down a rug or anything similar to that.

Concrete cleaning requires a different, more specialized cleaning process because of the unique texture that it has. It may take some getting used to to try and perfect cleaning your concrete flooring and the process is a little different and more tedious. However, it will greatly increase the life of your concrete floor and make it look much better by removing the grungy look!

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